How to make a reservation

There are 3 ways that you can make a reservation to rent a machine at Utah Power Toys.

1. Use the “Quote and Availability” box on the left hand side bar to generate a quote for selected days.  Then add the reservation to your cart and you are then able to make the reservation by checking out and paying with your credit card.

2. You can send us an email at and include the dates and times that you will pick up and drop off the rental.  It is helpful if you include a contact phone number in case we have any questions.  We will try to respond within 24 hours with a quote.  At which time you can make the reservation payment online, or over the phone.

3. You can also contact us at 435-767-1869 to get a quote and make a reservation over the phone.

The amount paid to make a reservation is to reserve the machines on the days chosen. The remaining balance will be paid once you pick up the machines. The reservation amount is NON-refundable if you decide not to rent the machines.

If you make a reservation online then you will receive a confirmation email which will have the information about which days you have reserved and the balance due at pickup.  We may contact you shortly after to confirm the details.



(Monday rentals will have a Monday morning pickup only)

Pickup Time:  Generally pickup time is in the morning between 8am-10am.  We will do our best to make other accommodations if needed. Night before pickup is between 6-7pm with an additional $50 charge for the 24hr rental time period.

Drop-off Time: Drop off time is between 4:30-5:30pm.  These times are strict due to getting the machine ready and out to the next renter.

Deposit:  A Deposit is required and must be either verified on a Credit Card or paid in Cash at time of rental.  The amount for the deposit is $1000 per machine. If the machine is returned in satisfactory condition the Credit Card will not be charged or the Cash will be refunded.

Insurance: We provide insurance with a $2000 deducible on 2-seat RZRs and $3000 deductible on 4-seat RZRs. This is insurance and deductible PER RZR. Insurance is voided if the machine is used in a reckless manner, such as jumping or racing. Insurance does NOT include missed rentals, which will be charged if a RZR is wrecked and other rentals have to be cancelled.

Upon rental you will be required to sign a Release Waiver and a Lease Agreement, which is completed via email and Docusign and also provide a valid driver’s license.

Machine must be towed by a capable vehicle with a 2″ trailer ball & 4-way flat light connector.