Rules to protect you and the machine

1.  Only adult riders who have signed the Rental Agreement and Waiver of Liability (“Agreement”), shall operate any ATV/RZR, Jet ski, Polaris Sling shot or other rental vehicle. *DRIVERS MUST BE 25 OR OLDER!

2.  A helmet must be worn at all times while operating and riding an ATV/RZR!!

3.  Do not operate any ATV/RZR or Polars Slingshot in any manner other than with both hands on the steering apparatus and sitting in the seat.

4.  Obey all posted signs.  Do not ride faster than posted speed limits.

5.  Do not carry persons other than as originally mounted on the vehicle with the equipment assigned.

6.  Ride at your current skill level.  Don’t push your limit!  Be careful.


8.  Do not ride in the water or wet sand. It corrodes the machine.

9.  Any ATV/ RZR rollover requires at minimum the forfeit of your deposit plus all additional cost of repair No Exceptions!

10.  Do not participate in any race or other contest involving ATVs, RZRs, Polaris Slingshots or other vehicles.

11.  Do not tow other ATVs, RZRs or other vehicles and do not have them tow you and your rental.

12.  No alcohol consumption or drug use before or during use and possession of rented ATV/RZRS, Jet Skis, Polaris Slingshots or other equipment.

13.  Be aware of other riders and vehicles.  Conditions can become crowded.

14.  Do not park and leave vehicle or equipment unattended.

15.  In case of a breakdown, call (435) 767-1869  Do not leave a disabled vehicle alone at any time.

16.   Vehicles are to be returned on time or additional fees will be charged.

17.   There are no refunds for early returns.

18.  In Cases of inclement weather before half the day is over you will receive an opportunity for another day based on scheduling.

19.  The vehicle should be returned with a full tank of gas (Premium only) or be charged a flat rate of $40.00 this will be taken from the security deposit